Our Pillars


As a member of an organization under the United Greek Council, we expect all individuals to thrive and impart the foundations that this council is built upon. Our three Pillars are what we hope to be reflected in the people of our community, to ensure that as Greek Organizations, our values remain just as strong. Through these, members of the United Greek Council have demonstrated their dedication by attaining several notable accomplishments. See their achievements here.


The United Greek Council strives to provide all of our members with a home-away-from-home. Through this, despite our diverse cultural backgrounds, the United Greek Council promotes a message of unity amongst our campus, while creating endless bonds between our organizations.


Through the celebration and promotion of cultures, the United Greek Council prides itself over the cultural pride that our members possess. Our council provides the support and resources that each organization needs in order to spread more cultural awareness on campus, while embracing the individuality of each individual.


The United Greek Council is composed of highly motivated students with countless dreams and passions that inspire the motivation to succeed. With this environment, each member of our council has the resources and support to aspire to reach beyond these goals and build a platform of networking and communication.

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