The Executive Board of Directors (EBOD) work behind the scenes to aid the efficient operations of UGC while representing the entity as a whole. Officers are involved with a variety of multidisciplinary efforts that include creating and executing programs and events to serve UGC, maintaining chapter dues and budgeting, representing the council at workshops or events, working with the OFSL office and other Greek councils, or keeping a strong presence through marketing and social media.

Durnig Spring quarter of the academic year, each position is open to all members within UGC who are interested in broadening their leadership capabilities by taking on roles that will enable them to dive further into the world of Greek administration. Once elected to the Executive Board, members will go through a transition period with outgoing officers to ensure an efficient handover process. Being on the Executive Board allows Greeks to represent their houses while creating positive change that can benefit both their chapters and UGC as a whole.

Be sure to look out for more information on elections as the academic year progresses!

  • End of the Year Banquet 2012

    Congratulations To Our 2012-2013 Executive Board! 
    President: Bryan Dosono (ΛΦΕ)
    Vice President: Amanda Gadian (ΧΣΑ)
    Director of Finance & Budgeting: Kristin Cha (ΣΨΖ)
    Director of Public Relations: Yuri Equihua (ΛΘA)
    Director of Social Media & Communications: Gillian Lim (ΧΣΑ)
    Director of Events & Programming: Billy Nong (ΣΒΡ)
    Secretary: Beau Castillo (ΔΛΦ)

    Congratulations To Our 2011-2012 Award Winners!
    Excellence in Community Service: ΛΦΕ
    Excellence in Educational Programming: ΣΒΡ
    Excellence in Greek Relations: ΣΨΖ
    Excellence in New Member Programming: ΛΦΕ
    Excellence in Philanthropic Efforts: ΧΣΑ
    Excellence in Public Relations: ΛΦΕ
    Excellence in Recruitment Programming: ΛΦΕ
    Excellence in Social Programming: ΛΦΕ
    Outstanding New Member: Mikey Mazique (ΛΦΕ)
    Outstanding Chapter Officer: Amanda Gadian (ΧΣΑ)
    Chapter of the Year: ΛΦΕ

    Congratulations To Our 2011-2012 Order of Omega Initiates!
    Bryan Dosono, Winter 2012 (ΛΦΕ)
    SeEun Kim, Winter 2012 (ΧΣΑ)
    Weiyi Li, Winter 2012 (ZKE)
    Quy Nguyen, Spring 2012 (αΚΔΦ)
    Jeffrey Wang, Spring 2012 (ZKE)

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