The Executive Board of Directors (EBOD) work behind the scenes to aid the efficient operations of UGC while representing the entity as a whole. Officers are involved with a variety of multidisciplinary efforts that include creating and executing programs and events to serve UGC, maintaining chapter dues and budgeting, representing the council at workshops or events, working with the OFSL office and other Greek councils, or keeping a strong presence through marketing and social media.

Durnig Spring quarter of the academic year, each position is open to all members within UGC who are interested in broadening their leadership capabilities by taking on roles that will enable them to dive further into the world of Greek administration. Once elected to the Executive Board, members will go through a transition period with outgoing officers to ensure an efficient handover process. Being on the Executive Board allows Greeks to represent their houses while creating positive change that can benefit both their chapters and UGC as a whole.

Be sure to look out for more information on elections as the academic year progresses!

  • Meet Your Technocrats

    Addressing a Need

    In an effort to make the United Greek Council at the University of Washington a more transparent governing entity, a professional website has now been developed to better serve the external needs of the council's constituents. Earlier in 2011, the United Greek Council lacked any form of an active online identity—no Facebook page or website functionally existed. In just a period of three days during this past winter break, a social media team was established to leverage up-and-coming trends of social media to effectively communicate the efforts of each affiliated Greek organization to the greater student body. Please contact anyone on this team by connecting to their professional networks or by emailing to get your events publicized through our online channels. Now meet the faces that make the magic work:

    UGC Social Media Team

    Name: Jeff Wang, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
    House: Zeta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
    Specialties: Marketing, Brand Identity
    Skills: Public Relations, Resource Management

    Name: Surie Vixaysakd, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    House: Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority
    Specialties: Content Strategy, Trend Analysis
    Skills: Freelance Journalism, Resident Fashionista
    Connect: Facebook, LinkedIn, TwitterGoogle+Klout

    Name: Bryan Dosono, Bachelor of Science in Informatics
    House: Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity
    Specialties: Web Design, Project Management
    Skills: JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ASP.NET

    Join the Technorati

    Looking for additional opportunities to get involved with the United Greek Council? Want to become a part of the Technorati? Fill out the online application here to express your interest. (Note: You do not have to be affiliated with a Greek house to serve on the social media team.)

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